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Surgical First Assistant, Cardiovascular Surgery


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Lake Charles, Louisiana
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The First Assistant is responsible for assisting the surgeon in performance of the surgical procedure. 


Certified and or Licensed Surgical First Assistants (SEA) are an integral part of the team of medical practitioners providing surgical care to patients in a variety of settings. In order that surgery may proceed smoothly the SFA is a specifically trained individual who provides assisting services for the surgeon in both the preparation for and performance of surgery and anticipates the needs of the surgeons. These services include, but are not limited to, tissue handling, wound retraction/exposure, positioning, providing hemostasis and Suturing of tissue, as directed.


Current Certified Nurse of the Operating Room (CNOR)or Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) preferred.

Documented completion of an approved first assisting course required, certification (CRNFA, or CFA) preferred

BLS completed, ACLS preferred

Educational Requirements: Must hold Current certification as a Surgical First Assistant (CSFA, CSA, SA

  • C, CSA or RNFA) or a license as a Mid-level provider or Medical provider (PA
  • C, AR p, MD or DO) 

    Responsibilities :

    • Be able to perform all responsibilities of a surgical technologist, if need and trained appropriately
    • Determine specific equipment needed per procedure Review preference card to confirm procedure and special needs.
    • Select and place Ofx-rays or initiate CD for reference
    • Participate in Anesthesia time out.
    • Assist with getting patient in room and positioned
      •  Untie gown so OT to lay on knots
      • Assist With moving patient to OR bed from stretcher
      • Assist patient and anesthesia during spinaVepidural
      • Assist anesthesia When placing tube and IV When appropriate
      • Assist With all forms Of positioning: supine, lateral, beach chair, tuck arms, place footboard when appropriate, etc.
      • Place tourniquets, Foleys, bear hugger, SCDS and bovie pad when necessary and if appropriate
    • Confirm procedure with surgeon and Operating room team per the consent
    • Drape patient within surgeon's guidelines
    • Provide retraction of tissue and Organs for optimal visualization with regard to tissue type and appropriate retraction instrument and/or technique
    • Assist in maintaining hemostasis by direct pressure, use and application of appropriate surgical instrument for the task, placement of ties, placement of suture ligatures, application Of chemical hemostatic agents, Or Other measures as directed by the surgeon
    • Use electrocautery mono and bi-polar per surgeon's directive
    • Clamp, ligate, and cut tissue per surgeon's directive
    • Placing hemoclips on vessels per surgeon's directive
    • Assist surgeon in use of the Robot (DaVinci, MAZOR, MAKO, etc.) place trocars during laparoscopic or robot assisted surgery per surgeon's directive
    • Fire stapling devices during surgical procedure per surgeon's directive
    • Harvest saphenous vein, including skin incision per surgeon's directive
    • Dissect common femoral artery and bifurcate per surgeon's directive
    • Maintain integrity of sterile field
    • Close all wound layers (facia, subcutaneous and skin) as per surgeon's directive
    • Insert drainage tubes per surgeon's directive
    • Place a screw or manipulate a tool when manipulation and positioning of the hardware must be held in such a specific position that that particular maneuver can only be accomplished by the orthopedic surgeon
    • Prepare a tendon for grafting per surgeon's directive
    • Infiltrate local medication per the surgeon's directive
    • Apply wound dressings and if necessary application of cast, splints, and other devices
    • Assist with resuscitation of patient during cardiac alTest or other life-threatening events in the operating room
    • Perform any other duties or procedures incident to the surgical procedure deemed necessary and as directed by the surgeon
    • Help with transferring patient from OR table to stretcher
    • Prepare room for the next case

    Work Type: 

    Full Time

  • About the employer
    CHRISTUS HEALTH is an international Catholic, faith-based, not-for-profit health system comprised of almost more than 600 services and facilities, including more than 60 hospitals and long-term care facilities, 350 clinics and outpatient centers, and dozens of other health ministries and ventures. CHRISTUS operates in 6 U.S. states, Colombia, Chile and 6 states in Mexico. To support our health care ministry, CHRISTUS Health employs approximately 45,000 Associates and has more than 15,000 physicians on medical staffs who provide care and support for patients. CHRISTUS Health is listed among the top ten largest Catholic health systems in the United States.