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Orthotic Fitter

Vanderbilt Health

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Nashville, Tennessee
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Vanderbilt Health
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Provides support for appropriate off the shelf orthotic devices and treatment through comprehensive examinations of patients and assessments of their individual needs and desires. Supports patient adherence to prescribed treatment plans by recommending and fitting orthotic related devices. Formulation of a treatment plan with oversite of a certified Orthotist.

Your Department:
You will be working for Carefluent Connect, a wholly owned, for-profit, subsidiary of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Our vision is to support health and care by offering a coordinated, efficient and effective approach to the provision of services; personalized to meet the needs of the patient. Our primary service line is supporting the DME needs of our patients as they transition from VUMC care into the home. The vision of Carefluent Connect is to try to fill gaps in serving the needs of patients. When a clinician deems that home equipment or supplies are required, and a patient chooses us to provide the service, we'll ensure continuity of care no matter where the patient is.


  • Communicates and interacts with clinicians, patients, and caregivers in various interdisciplinary clinical settings as a subject matter to support orthotic treatment plans.
  • Conducts non-complex patient analyses in accordance with established procedures for patients with orthopedic conditions/pathologies.
  • Assesses patients for indications/contra-indications; reviews assessments with Certified Orthotist (if needed) to establish, revise, or amend patient treatment plans.
  • Considers new and emerging technologies of innovative devices to accommodate or treat a wide range of orthopedic conditions that do not include unusual problems or complications.
  • Recognizes physical abnormalities, deviations, and complicated orthopedic conditions with potentially life-threatening implications and defer to a Certified Orthotist.
  • Completes measurements of the patient, and fitting of the device to the patient.
  • Properly documents patient records.
  • Provides continuing support and periodic assessment of the patient and orthotic device to assess fit, function and changing needs of the patient.
  • Instructs or educates patients and/or caregivers on the proper care and use of provided equipment.
  • Uses company fleet vehicles to conduct in-home or outpatient assessments.
  • Performs duties and responsibilities with indirect supervision.
  • The responsibilities listed are a general overview of the position and additional duties may be assigned.

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TREATMENT IMPLEMENTATION (INTERMEDIATE): - Demonstrates mastery in providing treatment consistent with physician prescription and established plan of care. Able to modify treatment plan as needed to demonstrate provision of skilled therapy services including progression of treatment throughout course of care, and revision of treatment interventions of goals not met. Supervises and directs certified athletic trainers (PT only), physical therapist / occupational therapist assistants, technicians and volunteers and students. Selects and follows correct protocol for care, as established, and actively seek out, utilize and mentor/teach others on current evidence based treatment strategies. May consult with team members to offer suggestions for treatment strategies. May serve as a clinical content expert for practice area, initiates consultation with team members for advanced treatment of patients, develop forum for staff members to utilize clinical expertise.

PATIENT DOCUMENTATION (INTERMEDIATE): - The ability to receive and record patient information.

PATIENT EDUCATION (INTERMEDIATE): - Demonstrates mastery of health education in practical applications of a difficult nature. Possesses sufficient knowledge, training, and experience to be capable of providing patient health education services without requiring instruction from others. Able to train and educate by setting the example, giving technical instruction, providing leadership, and generally raising the level of performance of others while on the job.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT (NOVICE): - Monitors material movement into and out of stock, reconciles inventory balances, and maintains adequate inventory levels.

CUSTOMER SERVICE (FUNDAMENTAL AWARENESS): - A continuing focus on the needs and requirements of customers, anticipating their needs, remaining sensitive to customers while performing services for them, responsive to customer needs.